Selling your home is a major financial decision and requires an extraordinary amount of research, knowledge and marketing to ensure that you realize your maximum financial gain. At Heritage Fund, we know the area and we know the marketplace so you can act with confidence.

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  • Prepare Home for Sale
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Home Showings
  • Receive and Accept Offer
  • Home Inspection
  • Negotiation
  • Escrow
  • Closing

Prepare Home for Sale

  • It's important that your home makes a strong first impression. Often, there are many things that can be done to help with this at little to no cost.

Marketing Campaign

  • This is a crucial step as the more interest you can attain, the more likely you will get the offer you want. Online marketing is just as important as print and open houses for buyers today.

Home Showings

  • Open houses are a necessary part of the process. Your home may need to be shown at any time while on the market so keeping things nice and tidy throughout the process assures you won't be caught off guard.

Receive and Accept Offer

  • Together, we'll carefully consider each offer received that matches your criteria and help you select the one that best suits you.

Home Inspection

  • After accepting an offer and entering into the Purchase and Sale Agreement, your home will be professional inspected.


  • If the inspection reveals anything of note the buyer may want to negotiate certain terms or financing. Heritage Fund will represent your best interests so you can have peace of mind.


  • After the terms have been agreed to by both parties and the closing date set, the transaction will be sent to an escrow company. This outside party will ensure both ends of the agreement are done correctly and upheld.


  • Congratulations! You are nearly done. Both parties sign the final paperwork, fees are paid and the transaction is officially recorded.

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