Home Readiness Program

Program Overview

The program is designed to be a quick financial review and overhaul. The program will prepare the client’s entire financial picture in preparation for mortgage approval and underwriting. The client will get a dedicated personal consultant to take them through the process.

Program Outcomes

At the end of this process the client will have:

  • Full Mortgage File
  • Updated Credit Report and Scores (official report from all three credit agencies)
  • DU Approval
  • Strongest Pre-Approval on the market (know exactly how much you can afford)
  • Know which Mortgage Assistance programs you are eligible for
  • Ability to have a Quick Close
Program Cost

Free Consultation -
During the free consultation the client will sign up for credit karma (no cost)

  • This is an important part because if we are engaging in credit repair we will need to monitor the progress
  • This way we can get a monthly credit report without getting hard inquiries
  • The advisor will be able to go through the credit report with the client and create a program and action plan moving forward
Free Financial Plan and Mortgage Preparation
  • The advisor will work with the client throughout the entire process at not cost to the client
Credit Report cost - $25 for individual or $35 for joint report
  • At the end of the process we will order an official credit report in order to obtain a mortgage pre-approval
  • This will be the only cost of the program
Program Details

This program will address and strengthen the client's four mortgage financial areas:

  1. Credit and Debt
  2. Assets
  3. Income
  4. Application
Credit and Debt -
  • Address any credit derogatory marks
  • Write letters on the client's behalf
  • Help negotiate collection accounts
  • Create a debt consolidation plan
  • Create a debt payoff plan
  • Address debt areas that may lead to more mortgage buying power
Assets -
  • Collect bank, investment, and retirement statements
  • Help signing up for online banking and/or opening accounts
  • Instruction on how to manage your account to not cause red flags in the eyes of lenders
  • Documenting any real estate assets the client may own
  • Savings plan to build assets and down payment
Income -
  • Collect paystubs
  • Collect W2's and 1099s
  • Collect tax returns and address any issues
  • Employment verification
Application -
  • Complete a full and thorough mortgage application

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