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At Heritage Fund, we use our unique relationship with multiple lenders and banks to find a mortgage that fits your specific needs. Getting approved for a mortgage in todays market can be overwhelming but don't worry, we have you covered as we will accompany you throughout the entire lending process. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation or information about our programs.

We have customized borrowing programs to fit your needs whether you are looking for:

Purchase Money
First-time homebuyer programs
Less than perfect credit options
Commercial loans
Investment property loans

The Loan Process:

Our mortgage loan brokers do all of the difficult work for you — shopping around, researching the best option for you, and making sure you get approved for your California or out of state home loan. This allows you to focus on the critical tasks that only you can handle – preparing for your new purchase, concentrating on your work, saving money, or planning for the cash you’ll receive after refinancing.

There are four key pieces to the mortgage puzzle. We have developed a system to make your hand in those pieces absolutely as easy as humanly possible. Essentially we do all the work that’s ordinarily done by clients.

Step One: Find out how much can be borrowed

Step Two: We pre-qualify / pre-approve you

Step Three: Application time. We make it easy

Step Four: Your loan is funded

 Loan Programs:

All of our loan programs include different price options to fit every borrower’s or investor’s situation.
Ask about our No Closing Cost loan options.

Purchase Money


First-Time Homebuyers

Less than perfect Credit?


A list of the documents needed for the mortgage process and the steps to mortgage approval can found here:
Steps to Mortgage Approval

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