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At Heritage Fund Insurance Services , we can help you protect the people that mean the most to you while at the same time protecting and growing your assets.

Life Insurance:

Protect your family by ensuring that you leave behind financial security. At Heritage Fund, we shop multiple carriers to find the best prices and coverage for you and your family. We only partner with A rated companies to give you piece of mind and long term protection.

Our products Include:

Term Life Insurance

A cost effective way to gain the most protection for you and your family. You pay for a set amount of coverage for a set time period.

Below are a few reasons term may be a good option for you.

  • Higher Death Benefits:
  • Insurance is meant to be protection in case of an accident or emergency. Term insurance allows you to purchase the highest amount of benefits for your budget. This means you can get more protection for the time period that you need it most.
  • Frees up money for other Investments:
  • Extendable Terms: After your term is up, you can have the option of extended the policy for extra years

Permanent Life Insurance

A life insurance product does not expire like term insurance . Permanent insurance has a insurance component and a savings component. The policy will have a death benefit and the policy will build cash value over time. The cash value grows tax free at a fixed or indexed rate and the policy owner can borrow funds, or in some instances, the owner can withdraw the cash value to help meet future goals, such as paying for a child’s college education.

The Permanent Life Products that we offer are:

Whole Life
Universal Life
Indexed Universal Life

Contact us today to see how life insurance can help you protect and grow your wealth and peace of mind.